Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

As an entrepreneur you know that one of the most important things is having a consistent incoming stream of new customers or clients. Worrying about where your next project or customer comes from is a stressful stage of entrepreneurship 🥴. A stage that many do not get out of.

We all know that marketing can be helpful, but why hire a digital marketing agency? And how do you screen the good from the garbage?🗑

This article will help you answer these questions.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

#1 You need to focus on YOUR business, do what you’re best at

There’s a reason why the biggest brands in the world outsource their marketing. From Apple, Google, and even Nike are all known for outsourcing to marketing agencies. But most of us entrepreneurs are not running global giants… we run small to medium sized businesses that might be local, national and some even international.

However the point that we need to take away is that the best brands in the world stay focused on their business, and outsource their marketing to professionals that achieve results. This is because marketing is a big world, even agencies specialize in areas such as Search Engine Optimization, social media creation, video, paid ads, and traditional.

But how do you know what type of small business marketing consultant or agency to pick? Stick with me, we’ll cover that 🤓

#2 You are not a marketer

When started to learn about marketing the first thing I realized is that I knew nothing. As an entrepreneur we try to wear all the hats… so then why do we outsource our legal work and tax filing but not our marketing? 🧐 I’ll tell you from experience marketing is a skill, and Gary Vee + YouTube does not have the answers for entrepreneurs.

#3 You don’t have the time (or at least should not have the time)

While many new entrepreneurs have a lot of time in the first few years, eventually you should not be wearing all the hats. As your business grows 🤞 your available time is going to shrink. You won’t have the time to work on your marketing in the future, so get it off your plate today.

#4 You need to focus on your business

Whether you’re a lawyer, wealth manager, brick layer, or landscaper no one can do what you do. So stay focused on delivering the best product or service to your customers, and keep your customers happy. You can’t outsource that, so you better be focused on it.

#5 You are in control!

Marketing not working? Good. Fire that company and hire another. Better yet put 2 or more companies against each other… the winner gets a long term contract. Even better yet! Instead of paying a monthly fee or a cut of your ad spend get creative with your marketing agency. Make the marketing company incentivized to work for you.

E.g. if an agency can double your conversions, offer them a cut of every new conversion that’s created as a result of their work. That’s the beauty of digital marketing… you can track that! And if they won’t do it then they’re probably not competent in their marketing skills.

How To Evaluate A Digital Marketing Company

  1. Give them data about your business, as the digital marketing agency to show you how much they can grow your customers
  2. Be honest, tell them you don’t know about marketing and how do they recommend that you evaluate their work? (A competent agency should be able to explain their work in simple terms).
  3. Ask them about an incentivized package – pay the agency a cut or use affiliate links and offer compensation based on this.