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Make Your Mark Today Inc. is a technology company based in Halifax, NS. We specialize in 2 main services:

  • Website Management & SEO
  • IT Support Services

Mark Taylor started this company in Halifax in 2019, after 15+ years in the tech industry building websites and managing custom tech products. Mark refined his SEO expertise by working for one of the world’s top SEO affiliate companies. 

Seeing our clients grow by 300%+ is what drives us. We’re not saying this to brag, we’re saying this because it’s what our clients can experience when you focus on high intent search marketing.

Mark Taylor

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Mark's Start

Mark Taylor is a proud Canadian entrepreneur. Born and raised in a small town in northern Ontario he’s always been entrepreneurial at heart. Read Mark Taylor’s full story here.

He spent his youthful summers building websites in his grandma’s basement (thank’s Flo). From there he built and sold his first web design company in University. 

Throughout his professional career he’s been a product manager for tech companies in a variety of industries. From oil and gas, to sports data, to SEO affiliate agencies.

Now Mark Taylor focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses explode in growth. 

As our clients grow, our client’s needs grow too. IT support was created with Mark’s connections in the tech industry. We provide full premium tech support & management services for a fraction of the cost of traditional IT companies.

Whether you need help onboarding new employees, custom software or hooking up printers to WiFi. Our IT support specialists are here to help you.

world class SEO

SEO really focuses on your website and the technology & content that runs it. Your business can benefit from these by getting high intent customers coming to you!

Can your business use seo?

Yes every business can benefit from doing search engine optimization. I can show you rough estimates of exactly how much customers that means for you.

IT Support services

As an entrepreneur or business owner your time is important. You could waste hours trying to fix every tech issue. Or you can have local IT support specialists that will keep you running smoothly.

Work With Real People

There is no online dashboard. You get actual people who live and breath your websites. We care about you, so that you can care about your customers.

What Our clients say

"It is with great pleasure I provide a reference for Mark Taylor. Mark is the marketing expert for our firm, Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. Mark's service ethic has been notable and has established our firm in the top three firms in Halifax for Google searches for family law and wills and estate planning. He was perfectly accurate in terms of his predictions of how long it would take to accomplish our rise in Google searches. The thoroughness of his plan to complete this work was remarkable. For example, he provided me with an impressive contingency plan should he suddenly decease and we needed to take over his work.
His work ethic has exceeded my expectations and exceeded the bounds of the contract we signed with him. He has a competitive edge which is refreshing and yet civil. We are fortunate that he decided to start his own business. I recommend him to all of my associates. He brings order and integrity to the wild west of Internet marketing."
""I was skeptical, being reached out by many others offering SEO. Mark's work took me from 1 customer a month to being booked full time doing 2 customers a day. I couldn't be happier."
John Njoroge
Way 2 Go

Start Growing Your Business Today

Worst case scenario you get a free coffee and some tips to improve your website. Mark Taylor is your SEO expert in Halifax, and he’s ready to help answer any of your marketing questions – no pressure.