By only working for a small group of prestigious clients, you get better results and a more intimate working relationship.

Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc.

From a solo practitioner law firm that was struggling to get enough clients to cover costs. 

Now Teryl Scott is booked solid 4 months out! All thanks to the amazing website and SEO work from Make Your Mark Today Inc. 

Brookshire Law Office

After Teryl Scott’s website kept popping up when Brookshire’s lawyers were doing Google searches. They decided to investigate. After looking into Make Your Mark Today Inc. Brookshire has recently made the jump to become our newest client.

Old Pine Barbershop

Old Pine Barbershop is a local Halifax barbershop that was only getting about 3 hair cuts a day. 

Now Old Pine Barbershop is averaging 6 clients a day. Effectively doubling the shop’s revenue.

Elite Art Brokerage

Don’t need SEO? No problem! Make Your Mark Today Inc. also builds beautiful websites and ecommerce sites.

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