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We believe your website should be the foundation of your business’ growth. Our elite team uses a unique content marketing strategy to maximize your new business. We do this by getting your website / video in front of high intent searches on Google & YouTube.

Here’s The Truth About Digital Marketing

Marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game.

So stop wasting your budget or your time trying to post 10 times a day on Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, etc. Or, struggling to learn how to connect to Google Analytics.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency that makes business growth easy. Using world class SEO and conversion rate optimization, your ideal clients come to you effortlessly.

Our elite team of top performers are at your disposal because we LOVE to see your business grow and prosper.

Digital Marketing Made Easy.

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How We Can Help Your Business Grow

A strong website with clear call to actions that your ideal client can find form the core of our marketing strategy.

This foundation kicks off your scalable business growth. Can’t afford to outsource? Do it yourself with our SEO coaching.

website design

Web Design & Builds

We will rebuild your website to meet the 200+ Google ranking factors but to be beautiful, functional, and fast loading.

Test Your Site Speed for SEO

search engine optimization growth with make your mark today inc.

Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize your entire website to ensure all the content is built with purpose. Your prospects will now be able to find you.

Search Engine Optimization

email marketing services

Conversion Optimization

Does your website have lots of traffic but no new customers? That’s a problem. Luckily we can fix that for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO For SaaS Companies

We are a laser focused, boutique marketing company. That helps SaaS companies scale.

More Marketing Services We Provide

SEO Coaching

We not only bring you leading edge SEO coaching advice and support, but ensure you get powerful search engine results!

Small Business

We provide small business marketing consulting for those that are taking the DIY approach to SEO / marketing.


Business to business search engine optimization services are a foundational piece of a successful digital strategy.

Hi, We’re Make Your Mark Today Inc.

We are a boutique digital marketing company managed by Hilary and Mark. Our team of digital growth experts are laser focused on bringing your business the highest ROI possible.

We founded this company to help business owners like you. We are not about checking boxes or vanity metrics, instead our marketing tactics are geared towards exponential growth. We work with a limited number of clients to ensure results.

Hilary & Mark

Certified Marketing Agency

google partner

Google Partner

We stay up to date on SEO right from the source. Keeping us and our clients operating at the highest level.

google analytics certified

Google Analytics Certified

Data can tell a lot of stories. We focus on the data that produces the most business results for you.

google ad words certified

Google Ad Words Certified

Running Google Ads is a great short-term solution. Sometimes it’s even helpful as a long-term solution. We’ll build that strategy for you.

Why Choose Us?

You’ll love our honest and simple approach (that actually works!)

Tired of confusing marketing talk? Us too. That’s why we focus on making your business growth easy to understand and track your results.

Marketing is great but is useless without a clear strategy to create a positive ROI.

We’ll make sure you know exactly what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. Learn more about our Calgary SEO services which allows us to work across all time zones that our clients are in.

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MYMT’s Client Reviews

Mark has done a great job with helping us to expand overall service offerings. We have also received more traffic. He has been a good team player when it comes... read more

TEAM Group Avatar TEAM Group

Great company to work with for SEO, website issues and creation and so much more.

Anna Avatar Anna

Very nice, professional and responsive. Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable of marketing platforms.

Maryam Asmat Avatar Maryam Asmat

On Your Discovery Call We Will:

Review the strategies to 5x your business
Explain the 3 keys holding your business back
Show you why you’re not ranking on Google
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Make Your Mark FAQ’s

Why should you choose Make Your Mark Today?

If you are sick of tedious marketing that doesn’t work and confusing proposals that get your business no where. Then we are for you.

We provide clear and simple digital marketing solutions that actually work. Don’t believe us? Book a free discovery call. We will show you how we will exceed your goals and track these results.

What is in bound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the work of creating content that gets leads (future customers) to reach out to you, wanting to buy your product or service. Instead of you having to run ads or try to “sell” people on your service. Inbound marketing grabs a high intent audience when they’re in the market to buy.

Why SEO?

SEO is passive marketing that overtime increases in ROI instead of diminishing returns like social media or ads. Put simply, your webpage can hold content that continues to be relevant long past its publication date. And, attract search traffic that grows over time. We leverage this tool.

For each position on Google that you climb up, you will get exponentially more clicks, and hence more customers. With us, you pay a flat fee for this service that brings in more business for you as time goes on.

Traditional advertisers estimate that it takes about 7 interactions before a customer buys from you. 94% of first interactions are through a search engine, Google or YouTube. Or you could waste your time on Instagram. For example, someone who sees an influencer on a spa day will forget about it 2 weeks later. Someone who does a google search for “spas in Toronto” is actively searching for that experience and more likely to buy.