I’m Mark Taylor the founder and president of Make Your Mark Today Inc. We believe that small and medium sized businesses deserve to have tech that not only works, but is also affordable.

We are a technology company that focuses on small – medium sized IT Support Services and website development.

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world class SEO

SEO really focuses on your website and the technology & content that runs it. Your business can benefit from these by getting high intent customers coming to you!

Can your business use seo?

Yes and no. Most companies can benefit from search engine optimization. From industrial cleaning to chiropractors. Ask us what your expected ROI can be.

IT Support services

As an entrepreneur or business owner your time is important. You could waste hours trying to fix every tech issue. Or you can have local IT support specialists that will keep you running smoothly.

Work With Real People

There is no online dashboard. You get actual people who live and breath technology. We care about you, so that you can care about your customers.

Pricing That you can afford

I help firms succeed and grow. It’s unrealistic for most small businesses to spend lots of money on marketing. Our Halifax SEO services pricing grows along your business in 3 phases. If you need Calgary SEO services then we also have an office on 17th ave as well.


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3

Our SEO services have helped companies in a wide variety of industries. From industrial cleaning to chiropractors. If you are curious what the ROI can look like for you then reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

Many companies sell SEO services or information. But it is rarely the full story. Let me ask you this are you getting the majority of your customers from Google searches? If you don’t know the answer, then you need to talk to an SEO expert. Let me buy you a coffee and you can ask me any questions you’d like!

Yes! But we don’t always have to rebuild it. Regardless this rebuilding is included for my monthly SEO clients.

I’ll be providing you with detailed reports every month. Part of that report shows you how many people visited your website from the corresponding search term. I also include tracking how many of your visitors contacted you, or went to your business.

Yes, there are more shitty SEO companies as there are fish in an ocean. I’m not one of those. I can show you tangible results so you KNOW that you’re getting more revenue than the cost of my marketing.

SEO and having a strong website is the foundation for a business and it’s marketing strategy. It’s a flat fee for marketing work that brings in more business for you as time goes on. For each position that you climb up,  you will get exponentially more clicks, and hence customers.

Traditional advertisers estimate that it takes about 7 interactions before a customer buys from you. Well if you’re doing instagram influencer marketing for a spa day, and those people forget but 2 weeks later do a google search for “spas in Halifax” your website better be showing up, or your influencer marketing is not being effective.

Website rebuilds are on 12 month contracts, then go to monthly after that.  Start growing your business now click here.

Sometimes people wonder if search is right for their business. For most companies, it does! From hydro excavation to barbers. People are searching for your services.

What my clients say

"It is with great pleasure I provide a reference for Mark Taylor. Mark is the marketing expert for our firm, Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. Mark's service ethic has been notable and has established our firm in the top three firms in Halifax for Google searches for family law and wills and estate planning. He was perfectly accurate in terms of his predictions of how long it would take to accomplish our rise in Google searches. The thoroughness of his plan to complete this work was remarkable. For example, he provided me with an impressive contingency plan should he suddenly decease and we needed to take over his work.
His work ethic has exceeded my expectations and exceeded the bounds of the contract we signed with him. He has a competitive edge which is refreshing and yet civil. We are fortunate that he decided to start his own business. I recommend him to all of my associates. He brings order and integrity to the wild west of Internet marketing."
"I was skeptical, being reached out by many others offering SEO. Mark's work took me from 1 customer a month to being booked full time doing 2 customers a day. I couldn't be happier."
John Njoroge
Way 2 Go

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Worst case scenario you get a free coffee and some tips to improve your website. Mark Taylor is your SEO expert in Halifax, and he’s ready to help answer any of your marketing questions – no pressure.

90% of customers start with a Google search. Looking for divorce lawyersmortgage brokers, accountants, or industrial vacuum truck services.


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