We believe that your website can be 5x better here’s how.

Boutique SEO Services From Calgary

Our custom SEO strategy helps you get more leads, with less work.

Our proven 3 step blueprint works everytime:

  1. Check all the boxes for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO
  2. Create high quality, engaging content that people actually read & watch
  3. Track your rankings & traffic & repeat

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Unlock your website’s hidden power. Transform traffic into new customers with our custom, boutique SEO services.

We are a boutique search engine optimization company headquartered on 17th ave in Calgary, AB. You get to work with our small team of SEO experts to help you achieve clear, measurable growth using Google & YouTube.

We provide our SEO services to a limited number of clients at a time, because there is no cookie cutter solution for SEO.

Talk with your personal SEO expert (Mark)
Learn the 3 keys holding your business back
Learn what you need to do to rank on Google
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You Can See SEO Results Like These Clients:

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$60MM New Projects

This industrial cleaning company got the opportunity to bid on $60MM of new projects from our SEO traffic. New users increased by 63% up to 22,565 new users.

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+169% Demos Booked

This SaaS company in the education industry grew their startup into the 7 figures ARR from using our SEO services.

Under $300k in Revenue? Try Our D.I.Y SEO Coaching!

We will coach you to help you:

Explode your website traffic
Measure & understand your rankings / KPI’s
Provide you with the pro tools to do it all!

Meet Your Local SEO Experts

We are a boutique search engine optimization company managed by the tag team duo Hilary and Mark. Our team of search engine optimization experts are laser focused on bringing the most organic traffic to your website. If your business is not ready for elite SEO services, then you can do it yourself with our SEO coaching.

We founded this company to help business owners like you. We are not about checking boxes or vanity metrics. Instead, we deploy custom digital marketing tactics for growth. By working with a limited number of clients, we ensure real results.

Hilary & Mark

Certified Calgary SEO Agency

google partner

Google Partner

We stay up to date on SEO right from the horse’s mouth. Keeping us and our clients operating at the highest level.

google analytics certified

Google Analytics Certified

Data can tell a lot of stories. We focus on the data the produces the most business results for you.

google ad words certified

Google Ad Words Certified

Running Google Ads is a great short-term solution. Sometimes it’s even helpful as a long-term solution. We’ll build that strategy for you.

Our 6 Step Process For SEO Success

1. Discovery

In our first meeting we discuss your business needs. Ask you questions about your goals, products, and services. You can ask us questions about our services and digital marketing.

2. Research

We conduct keyword research to find what your customers are searching for, and what your competitors rank for. Then we plan out as site map of your landing pages.

3. Content

We’ll clean up your old content, and create new pages as laid out by our site map from the research phase.

4. Optimize

We then audit your entire website and optimize everything. From your headings, images, content, internal links, external links, technical SEO, schema and more.

5. Growth

Then the hard work starts. Building backlinks, adding schema, re-optimizing content, connecting listings etc. This gets your website rising in Google search results.

6. Maintain & Repeat

Once you achieve top rankings we continue to update your pages, create blog posts, fix errors, and of course make sure you don’t fall off Page 1!

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy.

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Increase in demos booked via organic search traffic

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Views generated

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Increase in form submissions

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In requests for proposals from SEO

Our SEO Service Packages

DIY SEO Coaching

Here’s our monthly deliverables:

12 month content plan

monthly strategy meeting

live tracking dashboard

You fix the technical issues

You create the new content

You run backlink campaigns

You create videos

Full SEO Management

Here’s our monthly deliverables:

12 month content plan

monthly strategy meeting

live tracking dashboard

4 technical tasks / mo

1 new or improved content

2 backlink campaigns / year

Search optimized video

Growth SEO Plan

Here’s our monthly deliverables:

12 month content plan

monthly strategy meeting

live tracking dashboard

8 technical tasks / mo

1 new or improved content

4 backlink campaigns / year

4 optimized videos / year

Our SEO Company Reviews From Calgarians

Mark has been incredible to work with. He is well organized and very communicative. Mark maintains a positive and professional attitude, which creates an awesome work environment. Make Your Mark... read more

Summer Stiles Avatar Summer Stiles

I operate a masonry business in eastern ontario: until now majority of my projects have been through general contractors which limited my ability have control over how the job progresses,... read more

Richard Csanyi Avatar Richard Csanyi

Mark explained thoroughly what was going on with our site and gave great pointers on Google Ads and how to bump us up the search results. Looking forward to working... read more

Coffin Skate Shop Avatar Coffin Skate Shop

How Our Search Engine Optimization Services Work

As an entrepreneur or small business owner your time is important. You can’t afford to spend 40+ hours figuring out Google ads, or 100+ hours learning how to build your website.

Our SEO agency sets your business up for success by providing:

Full design & SEO focused websites

STOP wasting your energy on expiring social media content. Instead, a high performing website optimized for your industry will provide long-lasting high ROI marketing for business growth.

Clear KPI’s to track your results

Live analytics dashboard for you to see how much progress we’ve made on your goals. Whether that’s getting all the traffic for a keyword, showing up in a local Calgary map pack, or more!

Customized marketing strategy

Search engine optimization is the foundation of all our digital marketing. As you grow, we expand our marketing services to deliver your business even more value.

Guaranteed Results

Our mission is to help Calgarian’s grow thriving businesses. We’re about results and we will only offer services that get them.

Getting new customers is often the hardest part of running a business.  As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how painful that can be. You shouldn’t be worried about going 1, 2 or 4 months without new clients.

We take your stress away by getting customers coming to you, instead of you having to go get customers. If sales is your current problem, then we are your answer.

There are thousands of searches every month for “divorce lawyer” while it may seem obvious, these people are purposely looking to get a divorce. If you run a family law practice in Calgary, you BETTER be on page 1 for that search.

The high intent nature of SEO allows you to convert those searchers into customers very easily.

SEO services live analytic dashboard for MYMT's clients in Calgary

Get A Personal Calgary SEO Expert

Using our team as your personal SEO experts gives you the ability to convert organic traffic into customers.

The Basics Of Organic Search Traffic

Search engine optimization is the iterative process of creating content that best serves the needs of a Google search.

Why Google?

Google is the most popular search engine, and YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Both are owned by Alphabet.

There’s over 200 criteria that Google uses to evaluate your website. Just like a puzzle, the more pieces you place correctly the better picture Google (and your potential customers) have of your business.

If you own a small business in Alberta, you might be eligible for the Digital Service Squad program. Which can help you fund digital marketing activities with us.

What Are Ranking Factors?

How many reviews does your Google my business profile have? Are they positive? Have you responded to them? When was your website last updated (aka are you still in operation?) How relevant is the content on your webpage to the people reading it?

There are so many ranking factors it’s hard to count. That’s why we recommend talking to an SEO agency or an SEO expert. It’s your agency’s job to optimize your site and content to reflect the 200+ Google ranking factors, and get your business on page 1 of search results.

We even support creators or influencers with SEO, specifically YouTube search optimization. For example, we launched our own brand Money With Mark which now generates passive affiliate link revenue from inbound traffic.

FAQ’s On SEO Services

Why is SEO important for your business?

SEO is important for your business because of the high intent nature of a Google search. For example there are hundreds of people searching for “divorce lawyer”. Someone searching this is VERY interested in hiring a divorce lawyer. Search is the online way that customers walk into your store.

How do you measure SEO success?

We suggest to measure your SEO success by using our 3 critical KPI’s. #1. Number of target keywords on page one. #2. Number of organic clicks. #3. Total conversions. At Make Your Mark Today Inc. we like to take our marketing services to the next level by measuring conversions. This will tell us if we’re ranking for the right keywords.

If you’re not getting new customers through your SEO work. Then you should re-evaluate the search intent of the keywords that you’re targeting.

How much does SEO cost in Calgary?

The cost of inbound marketing through search engine optimization depends on 3 major factors. #1 How strong your website currently is, #2 how much competition there is on page 1 of Google, and #3 how quickly you want to see results.

For example if you’re a new waste management company trying to break into the Alberta oil and gas scene. Your new website will be competing against companies that Google has been trusting for decades.

As a general rule of thumb you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $50,000 per month. Which can be cost much less than a single sales person, but also let you scale internationally as you continue to put more work into your website.