Social Media Management

Make Your Mark Today Inc. is proud to help small & medium sized entrepreneurs grow using our social media management services. 

Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia our social media expert provide a variety of services. Whatever your business needs are, we’re here to help.

Pairing our social media marketing with our premium SEO services is your key to unlimited growth.

Social Media Management

Our social media managers love to engage with customers, and grow your local business' reach on platforms.

Pricing That Works

We have a variety of pricing packages. So you can start small, and grow your services as your business grows.

Bring In Local People

We can provide a hands on approach, sending someone to work hands on with you and your business once per week.

Social Setup

We'll take the grunt work out of setting up your social media profiles. Just provide us with your logo and branding.

Social MEdia Management Packages

Your business might not have a lot of cash flow right now. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to adjust with your needs to keep your social growing along with your business.






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Social Media Marketing

Social media is like the cookie monster for content. Create, consume, engage. Doing this everyday on 4+ platforms is EXHAUSTING.

Let our social media coordinators take the work off your plate.

As an entrepreneur getting new customers is the hardest part of your business venture.  As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how painful that can be. You shouldn’t be worried about going 1, 2 or 4 months without being active on your social platforms.

We take your stress away by giving your customers someone to talk to. That way they get instant engagement from your business, without taking you away from the important day-to-day.

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What OUR clients say

"It is with great pleasure I provide a reference for Mark Taylor. Mark is the marketing expert for our firm, Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. Mark's service ethic has been notable and has established our firm in the top three firms in Halifax for Google searches for family law and wills and estate planning. He was perfectly accurate in terms of his predictions of how long it would take to accomplish our rise in Google searches. The thoroughness of his plan to complete this work was remarkable. For example, he provided me with an impressive contingency plan should he suddenly decease and we needed to take over his work.
His work ethic has exceeded my expectations and exceeded the bounds of the contract we signed with him. He has a competitive edge which is refreshing and yet civil. We are fortunate that he decided to start his own business. I recommend him to all of my associates. He brings order and integrity to the wild west of Internet marketing."
""I was skeptical, being reached out by many others offering SEO. Mark's work took me from 1 customer a month to being booked full time doing 2 customers a day. I couldn't be happier."
John Njoroge
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Search services FAQ

SEO is important for your business because of the high intent nature of a Google search. For example there are hundreds of people searching for “divorce lawyer”. Someone searching this is VERY interested in hiring a divorce lawyer. Search is the online way that customers walk into your store.

Yes! We can absolutely rebuild your website for you. However if you like your current site we don’t always have to rebuild it, but we most likely will need to create new pages. Regardless website design and rebuilding is included for clients on a 12 month contract.

I’ll be providing you with detailed reports every month. Part of that report shows you how many people visited your website from the corresponding search term. I also include tracking how many of your visitors contacted you, or went to your business.

Yes, there are more shitty SEO companies than fish in the ocean. I’m not one of those. I show you tangible results so you KNOW that you’re getting more revenue than the cost of my marketing. PLUS you can even talk with some of my current clients to hear first hand how they enjoy our Halifax SEO services.

Website rebuilds are available on 12 month contracts, then go to monthly after that.  Start growing your business now click here.

Halifax SEO by yourself can be difficult, but even if you want to do it yourself Mark Taylor is happy to help answer any questions you have! Book a call with him to chat about your strategy.