How to do superfast SEO for your business.

Once you start learning about search engine optimization a lot of people get frustrated when you realize how long it takes to rank on page 1 of Google. BUT it is possible to do superfast SEO for your business. As an SEO expert myself I’ll break down exactly the way you can start to rank extremely quickly.

Before we start, it’s important to clarify that this article is going to look at ranking on Google really fast. While “doing” seo work can be done very fast – ranking on Google is not always that fast. So for the purpose of this article I’m going to look at how you can rank on page 1 of Google really fast.

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Check If Your Business Falls Into One Of These SEO Categories

The easiest way to do SEO extremely quickly is if your business falls into one of these categories. I’ve listed them in order of ease.

  1. Your website is already super authoritative online
  2. The searches you want to rank for are local searches
  3. The searches you want to rank for have really easy competition

However even if you don’t fall into one of these three categories it is still possible to rank quickly if you know what you’re doing, and are ruthless at putting SEO above your other website needs.

1. How To Rank Fast For Super Authoritative Websites

Your website can become very authoritative if you’ve done one or more of the following:

  • Posted content for years on multiple platforms
  • Had your website for multiple years and have been blogging regularly
  • You’ve appeared on many podcasts, interviews, and had tons of articles online written about you / your business

And there’s many other ways to build authoritative websites but those are the main ways. You’d be surprised how many people have followed the Gary Vee model of “content, content, and more content”. If you’re followed this model for years you might not have a successful company πŸ˜… BUT this can setup your business for HUGE SEO success.

2. You’re A Local Business With Local Searches

Many many many searches from Google are local searches. It makes sense! If you’re looking for a mortgage broker, and live in Halifax then you don’t want results from Atlanta. This presents a big opportunity if you’re a local business. You’ll know this by doing a google search for your services – do you see a map pack there like this?:

If so then your business can benefit from doing local SEO and can rank really fast.

3. Your Target Searches Have Little Competition

If you started a basketball shoe company I have some bad news for you. It won’t be possible to do SEO superfast. That’s because there’s big players like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Yeezies that have been around for decades, and doing SEO for most of that time.

BUT if you’re in a town of ~400,000 people and there’s only 2 big law firms and you just started a law firm. Then it could be VERY easy to rank extremely quick for your local searches. My amazing team of SEO experts actually did this for a law firm in Halifax, NS! We tripled their business in only 4 months.

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What Businesses Can NOT Rank Quickly?

If you’re in an informational space (non-local search results). Or if your website is brand new you will most likely struggle to rank quickly. To know for sure be sure to contact an SEO expert that can help evaluate your website & the potential from Google search traffic.

Is it possible to do SEO quickly?

Yes, doing the actual SEO work can be done quickly. However ranking on page 1 of Google for your target searches might not happen as quickly. This depends on your website, your industry, and what type of searches you’re trying to rank for.

How do you do superfast SEO?

At Make Your Mark Today Inc. our superfast SEO process involves auditing and reworking all the pages on your website. Then rebuilding your site and it’s content to be structured properly and be optimized to rank for your target searches.

Can my business rank on page 1 quickly?

Possibly. The length of time it takes to rank your web pages on page 1 of Google depends on a variety of factors. Like how well established your business is (online), how much valuable content you’ve built over the years, and how difficult your target searches are. Contact one of my SEO experts to get an ETA for your company.

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