Account / Client Manager

Work fully remote with a small company mixed with tech, SEO’s, and content creators. If you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia we do meetup in-person sometimes to get our butts off the coach and feel like real humans again, would be great if you lived here to join us.

You are someone who is an entrepreneur at heart, but just hasn’t found the right business to thrive in. In this role you’ll take on the responsibility of all our clients. This role is designed to bring someone in that wants to potentially move into OBM or COO type roles in the future.


– Meeting & communicating with potential clients 

– All client communication including sending proposals & quotes to onboarding new clients

– You’ll translate emails & upcoming project work into actionable tasks for internal employees & external contractors

– You’ll be responsible for sourcing more contractors as we continue to grow

– Nurturing our relationships with contractors (schmoozing) 

– Client schmoozing & lunches

– You will get a separate phone number which is an app that goes onto your personal phone. Your phone plan compensation is currently not included, but this is negotiable.


Who You Are:

You’re someone who is organized, sociable, driven and thrives in a role where you have a lot of autonomy and when you have the freedom to wear multiple hats. You are driven and entrepreneurial at heart, looking for a rapidly growing company to get in on the ground floor on.


Compensation, Vacation, & Hours:

– We offer a living wage – based on Halifax, Nova Scotia standards (where we’re located) at $44,000

– Profit sharing – together we establish company yearly goals and determine the amount of profit sharing incentives

6 weeks vacation yes that’s not a typo. You are required to take at least 4 weeks every year, vacation time does not roll over.

– Flexible day hours – we pay you for your work & the value you bring, not the amount of hours you work.

– There is currently no health plan, but something we do want to add to this business in the future.

– You have the option to work as a contractor (aka self-employed) or you can be on the payroll as an employee, whichever you prefer.


Who We Are:

We work remotely, so you can live wherever. We’re a company that started off in 2019 doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by managing websites and Google My Business profiles. Since that little fake news virus hit our business has been exploding, with tons of client demand not just for SEO but for other services too.

Then we branched into IT support services, and are now using our SEO skills to market additional small business services like videography, and we work closely with partners to provide the products.

You will be brought up to speed on all aspects of the business so that you are knowledgable to have conversations with the clients.

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Work With MArk

Work From Home

Set your own hours, making your day flexible. We pay you for the work you do, not the hours it takes.


Learn SEO from Mark, or learn other things! Take courses or go to conferences that YOU want. Broaden your skill set for the future.

Your Future In Mind

Make Your Mark Inc. is a small business, and I understand that this is a stepping stone for most employees. I'm here to help you grow with your future goals.

Contractor (If You Want)

Want to work as an independent contractor? As your own boss you get to expense work activities, even including your home office.

Learn Websites

Have an idea for the next big thing? Don't know how to make websites? Our company doesn't just exist to make money. We want to help with YOUR projects, whether it's for a non-profit you volunteer at or a personal project.

Coming Soon

Health benefits for employees and contractors.

Make beautiful websites

Be proud of the companies you help. You get to see first hand how we turn our client's website & business around.

How To Apply:

  1. Send an email to mark”at” use the subject line “I want to join”
  2. Write in the email a quick blurb about who you are, no more than 4 sentences
  3. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile