Customer Acquisition (Contractor)

Work part time or full time, it’s your choice.

You are someone who is a LinkedIn master, and sales expert. Your role will be to reach out to law firms and get them on board as clients. This role will be on a contractor basis for the first year, then you will have the option to transition to a full time employee if you would like.

Make Your Mark Inc.

We work remotely, so you can live wherever. We manage law firm’s websites and Google My Business profiles. 

You might not know about SEO, and that’s okay. It’s your personality and skill set that will make the difference. You will get weekly meetings with Mark to ensure your knowledge is sufficient to onboard clients.


Make Your Mark Inc. client’s that pay monthly for their SEO services.

In this role you will earn a 40% commission of each new client. Not just a 1 time commission, you’ll get 40% of the monthly contract for the first year.

After the first year you will have the option to get a base salary of $55,000 and commissions at 20% monthly for the first year of each new client’s contract.

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Work With MArk

Work From Home

Set your own hours, making your day flexible


Learn SEO from Mark, or learn other things! Take courses or go to conferences that YOU want. Broaden your skill set for the future.

Your Future In Mind

Make Your Mark Inc. is a small business, and I understand that this is a stepping stone for most employees. I'm here to help you grow with your future goals.

Contractors (If You Want)

Want to work as an independent contractor? As your own boss you get to expense work activities, even including your home office.

Build Your Website

Have an idea for the next big thing? Don't know how to make websites? I'm here to help you do that.

Coming Soon

Health benefits for employees and contractors.

Make beautiful websites

Be proud of the companies you help. You get to turn their websites into something beautiful, while also growing their business.

How To Apply:

  1. Send an email to use the subject line “I’m Ready”
  2. Attach a quick blurb about who you are, no more than 9 sentences
  3. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile
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