About Mark Taylor

Hi, I’m Mark Taylor one of the co-founders of Make Your Mark Today Inc. (MYMT) and the head of search engine optimization at the company.

After 15 years in the tech industry, with a focus on SEO I started this company to help entrepreneurs turn their websites into money making machines. Websites tend to be an afterthought nowadays. Especially when there’s more social media than ever before.

But I don’t care about social media. I don’t even care about websites. What I care about is business and a business can’t survive without consistent paying customers. As a business man that’s what I strive to deliver. It just happens to be that SEO is the foundation of that. Allowing our clients to get scalable growth with maximum ROI.

~ Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor’s SEO Beginnings

Mark Taylor is a proud Canadian entrepreneur. Born and raised in a small town in northern Ontario he’s always been entrepreneurial at heart.

He spent his youthful summers building websites in his grandma’s basement (thank’s Flo). From there he built and sold his first web design company in University. 

Throughout his professional career he’s been a product manager for tech companies in a variety of industries. From oil and gas, to sports data, to SEO affiliate agencies.

Now Mark Taylor focuses on helping other entrepreneurs explode their business growth.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, Co-founder & Head of SEO at Make Your Mark Today Inc.

Learn about Mark Taylor, the co-founder and SEO Expert at Make Your Mark Today Inc. Get to know a bit more about Mark Taylor here, and reach out!

Address: #230 5687 West St., Halifax, NS, B3K 1H6, CA

Gender: male

Job Title: co-founder, head of SEO